Contact Me

Hi! I’m Steve Rogers, an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop who leads a team of professionals specializing in design for science, technology and industry.

Interested in a Free Photo Shoot?

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in doing a photo shoot of any kind, including engagements, fashion, senior portraits and more. You can also call me at 863-602-6508 to talk about your ideas. I look for interesting people, subjects, locations and ideas in my photography. While I don’t charge a fee for most photo shoots, I do ask that you provide permission to use any of our photographs in my training, online portfolios or other professional work. Of course, you also get copies of the digital images for your own, as well. All photography is tasteful and professional, and would be used in similar venues.

If you’re a model interested in portfolio and headshots, we can work TFDI (trade time for digital images), especially if you have a unique concept to try out.

About Panotracks

Coming originally from a music background at Disney (played drums), I created this site as a great way to combine the technical and artistic aspects of photography. The goal of Panotracks is to help others learn more about this amazing and fun area of photography. For example, there are several types of panoramas. Spherical panoramas, for example, (“panos” for short) are interactive because you can navigate around them with your mouse, moving up and down, in and out, and to the right and left at will. When viewed at full-screen, some people say it’s almost like “being there”.

I’ve been shooting panoramas for years in my scientific work, but this site highlights some of my more aesthetic panoramas and other photography. You’re welcome to “follow my pano “tracks” as more content is posted here and I hope you enjoy what you see. Hopefully, this will inspire you to go out and shoot your own panoramas!

Thanks for visiting and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!