Posted by Steve Rogers

Location: Circle Bar B Preserve
Lakeland, Florida

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Winter, January, 2014. Recently, a professional colleague and friend asked me to photograph his engagement session. This was one of the most amazing photo shoots we’ve had at the Circle B Preserve yet. The lighting was perfect, and we all had a great time. We started out by walking a loop around Alligator Alley, keeping our eye out for great backgrounds and locations (and alligators). Cally’s son helped us with lighting, and we were able to complete the shoot in about 3 hours max. Danny wrote a post about the shoot on his blog. Now, Danny and I had literally traveled the world together as part of a leadership program before, but it was an honor to meet his fiancé, Cally, on this shoot. This was actually the first engagement shoot I’ve ever done, but it’s something to look forward to again given the chance!

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